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We know preschoolers have lots of energy, boundless curiosity, and parents who want them to be safe and feel loved. Through songs, games, interactive activities, and hands-on discovery, children learn how to apply the truth of the Bible to their daily lives. And, they’ll have a whole lot of fun all along the way! Each class is designed to help your little ones learn more about God while feeling loved and secure.

Ages birth through kindergarten


Preschool (Birth – 3yrs.)

Preschool (3yrs. and potty trained – 5k)


Sunday’s 9:00 and 10:30 am


Every child’s spiritual, emotional, and physical well-being has been, and will always be, our top priority in Kids and Preschool ministries! We take this commitment to the families of our church very seriously, and we consistently go to great lengths to ensure the best and safest experience each time your little one attends church.

Parents will personally register their family in as they arrive for the first time. Upon arrival for scheduled services, parents will receive their child’s name tag and a matching adult security tag through our secure check-in system. The matching adult security tag must then be presented in order for the child to be released to the adult at the end of the service.

There is no outside access into these areas without security clearance during our services. The staff and volunteers have been diligently screened to provide your family with security and peace of mind as you attend worship.

Security – You may also notice a person standing at the door with a tag that says “security” in their shirt and this person may ask you for your “security tag”. This is our Security Guard that is present every Sunday when you pick up your children.

Our wonderful volunteer staff, carefully adhere to proven and safe procedures relating to diaper changing, hand washing, feeding, and caring for children.

Know that we are praying for your family, and we consider it a privilege to come alongside you and help lay a Biblical foundation for your precious child.

In Kids and Preschool Ministries of Youngsville Community Church, our commitment to little ones is unwavering in every way.